This was my setup at Con-G 2012. :) I’m super happy with how it turned out, and I had a nice time in the artist alley. (Except the cold draft near my table.) Unfortunately I won’t be there for day two this year, so it was a rather short con for me, but I had fun anyway!

So, I’ve been pretty inactive on this account, mostly because I wanted to start a new tumblr for my art, so follow me at NINIEBEE if you would like to continue following my tumblr. ♥

Currently painting a Drifloon mug. :> (Taken with instagram)

Pepper is working very hard to help us pack! (Taken with instagram)

Pepper decided to sleep on Cassie’s bed… now Cassie will never sleep there again. o^o (Taken with instagram)

And this side is of her other dog, Lucky! :> (Taken with instagram)

I painted a mug for cocopup25 this Christmas. :> This side features one of her dogs, Coco, a min pin/chihuahua mix. (Taken with instagram)

"But mummy, I don’t wanna brush my teeth. I just want to eat the toothpaste!" (Taken with instagram)

Taken with instagram


ho ho ho

Time to play Sorry! with my family. :D